LAST UPDATED: 1/28/2018



CHICAGO ZINE FEST   -   Chicago, IL - May 18th & 19th

               It's time for my favorite Midwest con! Come on down to CZF and see me (and fellow sadboy queerpunk Jacob Bussiere) in May!


THOUGHT BUBBLE UK   -   Leeds, England, UK - September 22nd & 23rd

               Holy crap, I'm taking this show abroad!! Check me and my table out at Thought Bubble in Leeds this autumn at my first ever European convention like the National Lampoon movie I was always meant to star in.



FLAMECON   -   Brooklyn, NY - August 19th & 20th

               I'm tabling with my buddies Jess Johnson and Whiteley Foster under my zine imprint, Sorry Mom Comix!

              I'm teaching Intro to Analog Inking on Sunday at 2:30 in Workshop 2 - Thanks for coming out, everyone!! We were at capacity!! - I can't wait to teach another one soon so everyone can ink!!




L.A. ZINE FEST - Los Angeles, CA - 2017

RAPTORCON - Orford, NH - 2017 - Panel: Vermont Cartoonists Showcase

DINK - Denver, CO - 2017 - Fellowship Recipient, Panel: Diversity in Comics

GRAND RAPIDS ZINE FEST - Grand Rapids, MI - 2017

VANCAF - Vancouver, BC - 2016

TCAF - Toronto, ON - 2016 - Panel: Queer Mixer

CHICAGO ZINE FEST - Chicago, IL - 2016 - Panel: Exhbitor Opening Night Reading

COMIQUE CON - Dearborn, MI - 2015

COMIKAZE - Los Angeles, CA - 2015