American Spirits #1

Ghosts. Trumpets. Inadequacy. American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters #1 is the first in an ongoing comic series about Jen and Allie, two unemployed ghostbusters who travel the country and attempt to exercise their Bachelor's Degree in Paranormal Entity Management. Issue #1 debuted at Comikaze and sold out all 3 days, then also sold out at Comique Con, which makes me pretty goddamn happy.

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Also Available for Purchase In Real Life: Quimby's in Chicago, IL, Wasted Ink Zine Distro, Tempe, AZ,  The Pop-Hop in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA, Vault of Midnight in Grand Rapids, MI 

Press: I talk to Al Rosenberg at Women Write About Comics about my comic and/or busting ghosts

Trans Man Walking

With the first issue debuting at Chicago Zine Fest in April 2016, Trans Man Walking garnered critical acclaim as a raw, funny, and honest look at being a dickless, beer-chugging, hockey-slinging, decidedly gross transgender dude, and the associated foolishness that follows.

Available At: Vault of Midnight in Grand Rapids, MI, The Sorry Mom Comix Store, & the Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago

Press: Review by Alenka Figa at WWAC - "I was empathizing (especially with the comic about hair), recognizing the complicated nature of transphobia and masculinity, and enjoying Santagata’s efficient and cutting punchlines all at once—an incredible range for such a short zine!"

Jedville   (1st & 2nd Edition)

Jed the Undead is a teenage demon who's forced to moved to an Arizona suburb pending his parents' divorce. This NSFW zine collects concept art set in Jed's world, about trying to fit in when you're in a two-dicked, behorned, lobster-colored body (which is, of course, a demon-tinted metaphor for the queer immigrant experience of yours truly). Debuted at Comikaze 2015.

Jedville is also returning with a much thicker, second-edition volume, with color plates, debuting at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Fest) in May 2016.


Ongoing comics

American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters

Jen and Allie are unemployed, inadequate, and woefully regret majoring in Paranormal Entity Management. They travel around Southern California, busting ghosts, investigating terrors, and questioning their life decisions. Oft billed as "everyone's favorite existential ghostbusting comedy".


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