BuzzFeed - 28 Trans, Queer, And Non-Binary Comics Creators Who Tell The Stories We Need Right Now - #14 - Check me out!



LA Zine Fest 2017 Recap at Dum Dum Zine - "There’s lots of stuff about coming of age and feeling guilty for being a dude. And as a trans dude I feel that a lot."

LA Zine Fest: Get To Know Your Zinester - "They’re aggressively sad, aggressively honest, and (hopefully) aggressively funny."

Women Write About Comics - "Santagata hasn’t been at this comic for long, but it’s already on my weekly webcomic pull-list." - Al Rosenberg, 2016



SyFy Wire, on Jed the Undead, Volume 1: Fire in the Hole - "I can't imagine anyone not finding Jed's woes at least a little relatable." - Dany Roth. 2017

Women Write About Comics, on Trans Man Walking #1 - "An incredible range for such a short zine!" - Alenka Figa, 2016

Webcomics Super 100 - American Spirits was a featured comic!

The Comics Journal - "Sometimes uneven, but appealingly distinctive" - Shaenon Garrity, 2015


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