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11/30/13 Timber - Ke$ha & Pitbull

I call something "a self-aware, gleeful orgy of Chinese Telephones until they reach the ultimate Platonic Ideal of country EDM in a mangled funride of whistlin' and banjos." Read More

9/9/13 The Wedding 7" Split - Masked Intruder / Dan Vapid and the Cheats

 I'm a romantic idiot. A romantic idiot who loves some goddamn pop punk. Read More

7/17/13 No Sleep Records - Summer Sampler

Allison Weiss! Long Lost! TRC! "More thunderous and cock-powered. There's a crazy good buildup halfway that's like if Far Too Loud played guitars instead of laptops." Read More

7/8/13 Not Too Soon - Jeff Rosenstock

"It comes from this very ska-centric idea of good times because fuck you that’s why, without forgetting what prompts you to get all good-times in the first place." Read More