Got any questions? Email me at:

        >> SuitedDevil@gmail.com


What can Andi do for you? I'm glad you asked!



Illustration +/ Comics

I've done freelance work for everyone from video game studios to non-profits, and you can check out my illustration portfolio here!

Past Clients Include:

  • Bright (A branch of Medium)
  • The Nib
  • USC Game Innovation Lab

Want to chat about a comics or illustration project or gig? Send me an email! at: SuitedDevil@gmail.com



Got penciled pages you need inked? Looking for an inker for your comic, graphic novel, or other inky project? Look no further! Inking is my forte and I really, really love it, so drop me a line even if you just wanna talk nibs!

I am currently taking on new inking projects for 2017 - 2018 - feel free to email me for my page rates at SuitedDevil @ gmail.com!


Lettering & Typography

I love titling! If you've got comics, editorial, illustrative, or other work that needs titles, letters, or other hand-drawn typography, send me an email! at: SuitedDevil @ gmail.com

(You can also see my full lettering/titling portfolio here!)


Inking Workshops

I teach a 1 to 2 hour analog inking boot camp (featuring brushes, nibs [aka dip pen / pen & ink], and other basic techniques designed for artists primarily used to inking digitally to make the jump over the analog! If you're interested in me doing a guest lecture, workshop, or other inking-related shenanigans, send me an email at SuitedDevil @ gmail.com!