Trans Man Walking (Webcomic!)

I write/draw/etc this autobio webcomic! It's pretty gnarly, you should probably check it out. BuzzFeed is a fan of it, too!

American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters (Webcomic, On Hiatus!)

Jen and Allie bust a lot of ghosts, break each other's hearts, and hang around a lot of people who drink Kirkland vodka and play the trombone.




"This story of a demon struggling with his burgeoning sexuality in a world of humans will feel relevant to, well... anyone really. But especially queer folks, I think." - Dany Roth for SyFy Wire




Your friends aren't your friends and they leave you to die in the desert. A horror story originally appearing in the Lighter anthology, which was a 2017 Center for Cartoon Studies collaboration.


Why Every Teen Should Hike

Outdoor tips for wayward teens (like me, America's oldest wayward teen!) Originally published in Bright Magazine.



A short 4-page comic about a girl raising her brother from the dead, to ill effect.

Muslim Mythbusters

A one-page collaboration with the hosts of the kickass podcast Good Muslim, Bad Muslim for the anthology New Frontiers!


We're Doomed

Climate change and points of no return! Originally published on The Nib.