Hey, I'm Andi! I'm a cartoonist at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, and I make zines, comics, comix with an X, and illustrate, too! You're probably here because of my autobio webcomic, Trans Man Walking, or my stuff you've read so far on The Nib.


I'm a huge enthusiast for the National Parks system and I'm a big ol' outdoorsman, so I've been the Artist-in-Residence for Cape Cod National Seashore through the Provincetown Community Compact in June/July 2017, and hope to continue spreading the good word of the backcountry for years to come!


When I'm not hiking/camping/backpacking/playing Bethesda games and making comics about them, I make zines and other readables! I make comics - some people breathe, I make comics, you know the drill - and I tour around a lot. A lot a lot. I may or may not be nomadic.


If you wanna get in touch with me, or if you have a gig for me, or if you just wanna say Hi, drop me a line! At: SuitedDevil @ gmail.com