Andi Santagata is a cartoonist living in White River Junction, Vermont, currently attending the Center for Cartoon Studies. They make their own comics and handmade books, usually about identity, teenagers, and romanticizing the idea of teenage loneliness. They're probably most known for their autobio comic, Trans Man Walking, and putting out work through their lil' zine imprint, Sorry Mom Comix.

Andi usually uses a dip pen & ink, and their favorite nib is the Hunt #56. When they're not talking about themselves in the third person and obsessing over inking, Andi reads up on the occult and pets cats. Well, mostly pets cats.


I'm available for comics, illustration, inking, and other similar work! at:



Tabula Idem: A Queer Tarot Anthology (Fortuna Media, 2017)

Trans Man Walking #1 (Sorry Mom Comix, 2016-2017)

American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters #1 (Sorry Mom Comix, 2016)

ChronoScouts (Game Innovation Lab, illustration, card game, 2015)


Press for Things I've Done

"I was [...] enjoying Santagata’s efficient and cutting punchlines all at once—an incredible range for such a short zine!"  - Alenka Figa at Women Write About Comics on Trans Man Walking #1

"Pretty stylin'... [...] The loose, flowing art is sometimes uneven, but appealingly distinctive [...] ...a promisingly goofy action-comedy."  - Shaenon Garrity at The Comics Journal on "American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters"

"A quirky, good-looking nerd-a-thon of a comic"  - Al Rosenberg at Women Write About Comics on "American Spirits: Freelance Ghostbusters"


Credits, Conventions & Fests

C-Scape Dune Shack Residency (Awarded Fellowship) (Provincetown, MA) - 2017

DINK (Denver, CO) - 2017 - Fellowship

L.A Zine Fest (Los Angeles, CA) - 2017

FlameCon (New York, NY) - 2017

Grand Rapids Zine Fest (Grand Rapids, MI) - 2016

VanCAF (Vancouver, BC) - 2016

TCAF (Toronto, ON) - 2016

Chicago Zine Fest (Chicago, IL) - 2016

Comique Con (Dearborn, MI) - 2015

Comikaze (Los Angeles, CA) - 2015